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Scientific Information Department

As a part of the JINR Administration on science organization and international cooperation, the Scientific Information department (SID) of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is under the over-all charge of the JINR Chief Scientific Secretary.

The staff members of the department issue and edit information on the activities and scientific achievements of the Institute, which includes the information bulletin JINR News (four issues per year), the JINR Annual Report, the Annual Report to RAS, collections and booklets on the Institute jubilee dates and anniversaries of JINR famous scientists. The staff members take part in working up popular science video and documentaries, as well as in preparation of office documentation.

The department is in charge of informing mass media of Dubna, Russia and other countries about various events organized at JINR. It also administers the information about JINR activities issued by mass media (newspapers, journals, radio, cinema, television and other electronic means of communication), engaging representatives of mass media and JINR staff members into the process of issuing popular science information.

On a scheduled basis, the department prepares materials to display information about JINR at exhibitions; it organizes photo exhibitions on the activities of the Institute; the department staff members take photo reportages of important events at the Institute, main experiments, facilities, physics equipment, construction, etc. A photo archive, affiliated with the JINR Directorate, is compiled at the department.

Photo information about JINR is prepared and distributed in mass media of the JINR Member States; photo illustrations are compiled for annual reports and other publications of the Institute, as well as for scientific books and papers in journals.

The staff members of the department process JINR-issued scientific information and enter it into the IAEA INIS system, consult JINR staff members on using the INIS data and assist them in arranging abstracts according to the system rules.

The department is also in charge of maintaining scientific-informational and organizational activities of the JINR Directorate to accomplish scientific goals at JINR.

In its work to implement its tasks and functions, SID interacts with the laboratories and other scientific, functional and industrial divisions of JINR.

Postal address:
JINR, 141980 Dubna,
Moscow region, Russia
Phone: (7-49621) 65-057, 62-247
E-mail: bstar@jinr.ru